Thursday, December 28, 2006

Loving HP along with PPP

PayPerPost and the Postie Patrol is at it again..this time with the help of HP! What could be MORE FUN than going on a scavenger hunt in the COLD, in Chicago, with Ted, and Britt (I think that was her) and the dude from HP?? NOTHING, that's what!! The prize was a complete HP camera Digital Photo Printing package (camera, memory card, printer, etc) and $1,000!! THAT ROCKS!! Look see...

Robyn was such a GREAT sport don't ya think?? You gotta love a girl that would write "I heart HP" on her forehead. LOL I was kinda thinking she would use eyeliner or something..but nope I think she did it with magic marker. wonder if it has washed off yet?!? LOL Looks like she got a lot of help from "strangers" that kind of stuff is nice to see...renews your hope in mankind...for all the creeps out there, there are a lot of really nice people too.

I hope I get Postie Patrol-ed and I hope HP comes along for the ride..come on, you KNOW they want to check out the Air Force Museum!! *grin*

~This post was brought to you by HP.