Saturday, December 02, 2006

Accounting: the easy way out

When a person works from home as an "independent contractor" like I do, you are considered a "small business" for tax purposes, insurance, etc. Having my small business and keeping up with the accounting side of it all is a royal pain in the rear. Mostly because I am lazy. Plus, I don't even balance my own checkbook or anything. I know, I know...that's AWFUL. My mom is in the same boat as I am since she is considered a "small business" since she gets paid to care for my mentally handicapped brother. I asked her for some advice on dealing with the ins and outs of small business accounting and she told me the best thing to do is to find an accountant and let them deal with the whole mess. Sounds like a plan to me!! So, to the internet I went! After doing some research online I found they have a great site and offer some really great services at great prices (great as in wonderful..not as in BIG! LOL) If you are in the "small business" business...thi is a great site for all your accounting needs.