Sunday, December 03, 2006

A company after my own heart!

Once again, I am going to post about PayPerPost. I am SO excited because something new has launched and I am in HEAVEN. 2 of my LOVES have come together in one nice little package and made me so Happy!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reality all started with Survivor several years ago and the love has never died. The folks at PPP have launched their very own Reality Show, RockStartup. You can check it out for yourself at

I just got done watching the first 2 episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a little trouble hearing everything Ted was saying...but that's alright..he's fun to look at. *grin* I'm excited to learn about everyone behind the scenes and get a little glimpse into their lives...yeah, I'm nosy that way. I hope we get to see in someones medicine cabinet or under their bathroom sink...I ALWAYS look in those place if I use someone's potty. (all my friends that are reading this are appalled. LOL)

The episodes are shot entirely as HD content and PPP is currently shopping their show to tv networks. I HOPE someone picks it up so I can watch the episodes on my BIG screen TV instead of on my laptop. LOL