Sunday, December 10, 2006

The gift of Space

I have almost all my christmas shopping done with the exception of gifts for my boys. I am at a standstill waiting for my paycheck. So, in the meantime..I am surfing the 'net looking for ideas, making wishlists, etc etc so I'll be ready once my check gets here (tomorrow I hope).

One of the things I am looking at is, telescopes. My boys LOVE anything to do with space (and volcanos--but that's another post LOL). They love looking at the stars and the moon...and noticing when the moon is full, etc. I know they would love to see everything a little closer and I'm thinking a telescope might be a really good and educational gift for them. I have fond memories of my dads telescope when I was about Logan's age. We would go out and look through it and then come back in and get the encyclopedias out and try to get info on what we were seeing.

If you are looking for something along the same lines...even binoculars,etc. you might want to check out they have so much there AND shipping is FREE on orders over $29.95!! I LOVE to find free shipping deals!!