Monday, November 27, 2006

Momma needs a brand new Camera

Where is MY Camera, Ted? *sob* *sob* I'm working my fingers to the bone, not only supporting my family but making money on the side to be YOUR Postie...I ask you, WHERE is MY Camera (and printer)???

My current digital camera was purchased 8 maybe 9 years ago for $1,000...yeah, we were cool and newly married and had lots of interesting things to take pictures of *wink wink*. We were gonna be digital photography buffs!! This was life before kids...we had money to gadgets to buy...Fun was to be had and we were having it darn it!!! We lovingly toted it around (the camera..not the fun!!) in a rubbermaid box, nestled atop a hand towel with 4 extra sets of batteries and a memory card. (Ok, so we were cool enough for the $1,000 digital camera but not cool enough for a camera bag. because, that's the way we roll!!)

It was a great captured pictures of family and friends, our first apartment and house, my first BIG pregnant belly, the birth of that baby, that babys first b-day, my second BIG pregnant belly...that baby's birth---you get the idea. And while that camera is a good one, it is time for it to move on. It's big and clunky and the rubbermaid "case" HA! has been cast aside to make room for other things we need for these little creatures we call our children.

It now has a broken rubbery thingie next to the eye thingie you look through...there are exposed wires there..I could get shocked in the cheek!! (can you get shocked by things run on battery power?) It needs to be put to's done it's job, it's put up the good's time for it to move on to the big camera land in the sky.

~~This post was brought to you by HP.