Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's over!

OMG..that was the worst experience of my life!!

They gave me a dose of darvocet and then a dose of versed, I got drowsy and they did the endoscopy, the only thing I remember about that is them talking about my pretty wedding ring and I tried to talk and they told me not to talk that only they could talk to me. and then I remember doing some major gagging when they pulled it out.

The colonoscopy was AWFUL..I felt every second of it and they gave me 2 more doses of versed because I was in so much pain, there were 2 nurses presing on my stomach and then they were having me turn this way and that way and I was crying and I was trying SO hard to no be a baby, they were so nice and telling me how good I was doing...I even tried deep with labor...I swear this pain was worse than was AWFUL. They ended up calling the anesthesiologist in and giving me gen. anesthesia...then I was out and don't remember anything until I was back in recovery where I opened my eyes and thankfully saw my wonderful husband and immediately started crying.

Come to find out..I have a very loopy colon with lots of curves and that was the reason for all the pushing and pain...lucky me. She wrote on the report that I need to have another one in 5 years WITH gen. anesthesia. thank god.

Everything looked good, she said. They took some samples and sent them to the lab and she gave me a prescription to help with some pain and stuff I have been having. She feels like everything will come back from the lab fine.

When we left we stopped and picked up chinese for dinner..I don't think anything has ever tasted so good.

I am SO glad it's done now.