Thursday, November 16, 2006

His Collection...

Several years ago, Kyle's sister lived in England..her husband is in the Air Force and they were stationed there. The nice thing about having family or friends stationed somewhere overseas is the cool gifts they buy you while they are there. LOL She bought Kyle a couple swords and that started his "collection". Of course those are the only two he it's not much of a collection, but he is quite proud of it. He wants to hang them over the bed, but I'm too scared they will fall off and hit me in the head in the middle of the night. LOL On occasion, he has mentioned that he would like to add another sword to his collection and I have toyed with the idea of trying to find one for him. I'm not exactly sure what he wants or what would go with his collection, or if I should try to find something like what he already has..or get something completely different. I believe what he has now is a martial arts type sword, I think the pirate cutlasses look really cool. I'll have to do some more research before making a decision..guys are SO hard to shop for!!