Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have been obsessed with lately, I was last Christmas shopping season too. Since money is so tight here and we have 22 people (not including ourselves or our kids) to shop for, I need the best deals I can find. So far I have gotten a great deal on a gift for my BIl, my niece, and Kyle. so, I visit the site non stop hoping for a great price on something.

The other day someone posted about a rugs, so I went and purchased FOUR 3'x5' rugs for my kitchen..I was SO excited..they were red and white..perfect for my cherry kitchen!! I got the confirmation e-mail telling me they were discontinued and I would not be receiving them!! I was SOOOO bummed.

Last Sunday someone posted that their K-Mart had an evenflo triumph convertible car seat on clearance for $24!! This was orig priced at $119!! I ran down to my K-mart and was thrilled to see 5 on the shelf. The sticker on them said $96, but when scanned rang up for $24! I immediately got one for Rita. I know she needs one because when the new baby comes Avery will need to move to a big boy seat so the new baby girl can have his. I called and told her and she is thrilled. I'm thrilled I got such a great deal and can help them out. Yay, slickdeals!!