Saturday, April 19, 2008

Early B-day & Father's Day

Kyle had an exciting day today.

He has been hinting around that he wants/needs these tools for work, that he has to keep asking to borrow certain things, his drill battery is not keeping a charge, etc. He wanted this particular kit that came with 4 different tools. Since they were having a sale today we went to look.

They were on sale for $499 with $60 off, but if he spent $500 (on participating tools)he would get $100 off. So, the plan was to buy something else "small" so we could get the $100 off. While checking out the tools though, I noticed that the 6 pc set was on sale for $549. With the $100 off it would be $449--only $10 more than the original price we were going to pay for the 4 pc set!!! Needless to say, we bought the 6 pc set. He was excited and I was excited for him. No, it wasn't as thrilling as visiting the electronics department and buying a new TV..but that's ok. I told him this is his birthday AND Father's Day present--he readily agreed. LOL

He loved coming home and taking it all out of the box, charging it up, scaring the dog with the drill....good times!!

OH! I also got a ceiling fan for the bedroom which he put up when we got home. I can't wait to go to bed tonight! LOL Our bedroom gets SOOOO hot. Last summer we bought a window a/c just for our bedroom so I could sleep without swelling up from the heat! We're hoping to use that a little less this summer with the ceiling fan in full swing!

So, I guess it was an exciting day for me too!!