Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Furniture....Again!

You might remember this post from last year. I got new to me funriture and was oh so excited! Less than a year later...I am so oh so not thrilled with it! Evidently we are super hard on furniture or something. LOL I mean, I KNOW we are. We don't have a family room, so this furniture is the furniture that is used ALL the time. Add to that, 2 VERY *ahem* active little boys, a hyper dog and a cat...and who am I kidding..Kyle and I aren't "little" people...the furniture in this house takes a beating. Really, it's not AWFUL I BIG complaint is that the fabric has become so threadbare in spots that the stuffing is coming through and the piping stuff around the cushions has all broken and is poking's just very worn looking and bleck!

SO..a furniture store here in town is offering interest free financing for 50 months! So, we went and looked, found something we loved..totally not something we expected to like (LOL) and bought it! Our payment will be about $30/month....and NO interest...can't beat that! ;-)

The new furniture will be delivered April 8. This weekend I am going to list this furniture on FreeCycle, hopefully someone will quickly come get it and then we are going to take up the area rug that has been down for almost 6 years!! scrub the floor underneath and go get a new rug from Lowes...get it all laid out and then be furniture-less until Tuesday!

I'll take pics when it gets here. (My mom hates it!!) I went yesterday and brought a pillow home so I can match the new rug to it and I love it even more now. YAY!!


Cindy said...

I can't wait to see it!!! How exciting to have all new (and BRAND new) stuff!!!

I hadn't seen your new look on your blog yet, either...I love it!