Thursday, April 10, 2008


I pretend that I want to find an exercise I like. The truth is, I don't.

I tried Pilates one time and hurt my back so bad, I could hardly sit down for days. The only reason I tried it, was because I knew I could sit down while doing it and not break a sweat.

IF....IF...IF I DO exercise I usually do my walk away the pounds videos. They are ok. It's over pretty quick so I don't mind too much!

Even though I am very unfit and overweight I am pretty limber. I like that about me. I love that I can lift my foot over my head and people think that is amazing. LOL

I recently received a copy of Yoga: Gentle Practice. I decided this was something right up my alley. Something that I might be half-way good at...since I am already limber and something that might be a little relaxing too. No, it won't give me a heart pumping workout...but it will strengthen me, lengthen me...and hopefully help me get a little lean!!

So..I'm not very trying this yoga dvd out the first time was a little awkward, but the video was very explanatory, complete with a Yoga Pose Guide section and I was able to pick it up fairly easy.

The video has 6 different "routines" with different difficulty levels and length. Basically, you can choose the difficulty and the length of time you want to spend and the DVD will give you exactly what you want! You can't be that!

I'm glad I got this yoga dvd and enjoyed it so much!