Sunday, April 13, 2008

Change of Career

Several years ago I attended a school to train for my job as a ticket agent with a well known airline. It was a fun and stressful 30 days. There were also a flight attendant school there and I would watch them at lunch and during our breaks and wish I was one of them.

When the opportunity arose a couple years later, I interviewed to be a flight attendant, I didn't make it through the first stage of interviews though. I know now it was meant to be, but at the time, it made me really sad. It was a group interview and during it we had to play a "game" where we would throw a ball to someone and say a letter and they had to say the first thing that came to their mind. Somebody through me the ball and gave me the letter Q...Q!! The only thing I could think of was "queer" and I did NOT want to say "QUEER" in my interview!! So, I hesitated..a LONG time and finally came up with Queen. I guess they figured I might not be able to think on my feet and save my passengers in an emergency.

I learned the other day that my moms nail tech was changing careers and was leaving in the next week to start her new job as a flight attendant. I felt a little pang of jealousy. Not that I would want to do it now, but I wish I would have had the opportunity to experience a job that I think would be exciting!


Michelle said...

Ha! That is hilarious!
I too, thought Queer! Not because I hate gay people or hold on to long-past slang but because that's just what I thought.
I said to myself (while reading), oh god, don't say queer!