Friday, March 07, 2008

Blizzard Warning!!

That's what we are in the middle of right now. good times!!

I am SO thankful that I don't live in one of those places that ALWAYS gets LOTS of snow. I think I would surely die. Let me tell you about my day...

*Take the kids to school...snow is just starting to fall.
*Go to the grocery..spend MAYBE 30 mins buying storm know, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cheetos, brownies, etc
*find the car covered in snow, unload all the groceries into the trunk while the blowing snow blows INTO the trunk..and all the bags of groceries and in my collar and down my back.
*get inside the car and realize I can't see out the windows--I don't have an ice scraper and am not wearing gloves. I grab a pop bottle and get out to scrape the windows.
*drive home on horrible slick roads, consider crying, worry about wetting my pants if I have wreck because I have to pee SOOO bad.
*get home and unload the groceries--again dealing with the blowing snow
*eat breakfast (leftover sub from subway) and work for a few minutes. Keep checking school closings to make sure either kid isn't getting out early due to the weather.
*leave to go get Logan, can barely get up the hill to his school it's so icy, the tire pressure light comes on. great.
*Logan gets in car, we leave parking lot, ice has accumulated on my windshield wipers so I stick my hand out the window to grab the wiper and hopefully flick some of the ice off. almost rip my fingernails out of my fingers.Turn the wipers on full blast and watch some of the ice fly.
*head to Dylan's school, stop to get gas and check tire pressure. get out of the car and step in a snow bank..stupid me is wearing clogs with NO socks...snow is COLD! walk around the car unscrewing each little cap and testing each tire. they all look fine to me. get back in the car. drive over to get gas, berate myself for not filling up yeserday for the low price of $3.09 a gallon since today I will pay $3.29!!!!!!!!!! Get out and start pumping the gas, the snow is blowing INTO my ear canal. Pull my sweatshirt up and over half of my head, Look to see how much gas I have pumped (surely it is full by now) not even a GALLON! it is pumping SOOOOOOOOOO slow..then I see the note on the pump "pumps extremely slow", UGH! stop pumping with less than a gallon of gas.'s too cold for that crap! Stop before I can get out of the parking lot to remove all the ice from the stupid windshield wipers!
*Drive to dylans school..the roads are worse,the parking lot is worser! Go in, get Dylan, go back outside, yell at both kids to GET IN THE CAR!!!
*head home,sit in traffic forever, the road I need to turn on to is closed due to an accident. At this point logan freaks, because apparently, he IS going to DIE because he is HUNGRY!
*Do a U-turn and go back the way I came. head home another way, sit in more traffic. listen to kids fight and cry. Watch Logan try to get out of the backseat...because you know, wandering around on the side of the road in snow crying, is better than sitting in the car.
*Finally get through traffic and slip and slide my way home.
*Walk in the house and get my jammies on, consider shoveling driveway and walk..decide "no way".
*fix the kids food and send them to their room to eat it and watch tv and leave me alone.
*drink a big glass of wine.