Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring has Sprung?

Dare I say it? I think Spring MIGHT finally be here!! The temps the last few days have been very mild and I *think* I saw a fly the other day. Someone told me once that is how you know spring is finally here...when you see a fly. LOL

I went out and about with mom and Saturday and Kyle and the boys cleaned up the front yard, driveway and front porch. It looks SO nice. Makes me want to buy a new tree for the front yard and flowers for next to the driveway. Kyle tried to clean out the gutters but the "stuff" in them was FROZEN! LOL Guess the temps haven't been mild enough, huh?

I guess the next job is to work on the backyard, get the deck cleaned off, the yard cleaned up, etc etc. The kids have played on the swing set a few always seems new to them after winter and then they get tired of it. Wonder why it works that way with kids and swing sets? Guess it's that way with anything though, huh?

I'll be glad once the weather stays warmer and the rain stops and the kids can play outside more. I love when they are out there using their little imaginations!