Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

I'm SO excited--I remembered and it's only 9 pm. LOL I usually remember 2 days later when I read Laura's blog.

My tooth is hurting and I am SO scared about going to the dentist. I would seriously rather deliver 80 11 lb babies than go to the dentist once. I hate hate hate hate the dentist. Stupid teeth that aren't cavity resistant. HMPH!

Jack was up in the middle of the night whining and unable to jump up on the bed. He is having a lot of pain in his hip, I guess. He is walking fine, but can't jump up on the furniture and if you touch it, he yelps! poor baby. I am hoping it will work itself out, but if not...I'll have to get him to the vet this week.

Today was very low key, we cooked breakfast...ate it for breakfast and lunch, washed dishes, cleaned up the living room, watched tv, visited with my mom when she stopped over and visited with my dad when he came over to bring me a surprise!! Now, we are watching a little more tv and then heading to bed. I think we are all (us, mom, Tony, and Tammy's family) going to breakfast in the morning. should be a good time. maybe! LOL