Thursday, March 20, 2008

1 week

So, I've had this "bug" for a week now. I guess I do feel better, but I woke up with my ear all clogged and hurty. I need to be on an antibiotic, I'm sure. Of course, my dr. office is closed today, so I will have to wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, my ear drum doesn't explode before then!

Dylan is on the mend, temp and ear pain are all but gone, he now has the big D so he is still home. Logan wanted to stay home today, but I reminded him that today was his LAST day for the next week!! He was ok to go then! LOL

Kyle goes back to work tomorrow. He's still not 100% but I suppose he will survive. No idea on what the x-rays know, since the dr. office is closed today.

My mom seems to be a tinge better. She is chomping at the bit to get back to work. I told her to just leave it alone until Monday and by then she will be feeling better and can get back to work then. I hope she IS better by then.

My sister called yesterday and made a comment about how we are ALWAYS sick and she is so glad they THEY aren't sick, blah blah blah. It kind of made me feel bad. We aren't ALWAYS sick..this year has just been a bad year for us, we have all gotten sick and it seems the sicknesses have just lingered. But I know lots and lots of people that have been sick this I don't think we are abnormal or unhealthy or anything. She always has a way of making me feel "less than". bah!