Saturday, March 08, 2008

Working for the things you want

My mother is in buying mode. She bought a new ring last week and had someone out for an estimate for new kitchen cabinets and countertops, which she is getting. She is so excited. She said that what is the sense in working if she can't have the things she wants...can't argue with that. LOL In fact, I can't really say much since I am spending what I am on a Disney vacation instead of paying my credit card debt!!

All her excitment though, is rubbing off on me and making me want to do stuff to my house. Something small like refinishing the basement or buying brand new living room furniture, that's all!! LOL

BUT..I have a Disney trip I am paying for and lots of credit card debt, so the remodeling and furniture buying will have to wait for awhile!!


Robin said...

tricia, doug sells cabinets and countertops for his brother in law. he might be able to get your mom a better price. i don't know but if she's interested, let us know. i can give you doug's number or have him call your mom.

Anonymous said...

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