Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Win a Date!

Oh my fun..if only I was single..and a guy!! Well..I don't really want to be a I'll pass. LOL Now you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, huh?

I was watching some of the Free videos at and saw this contest they are having to win a date with Mirelly Taylor (you know, from Serving Sara, Las Vegas, and Numbers??) The way it works is that she posts videos of what she is looking for in a guy and then the guys submit videos trying to woo/seduce her. We, the people of the internet world, then get to watch the for the ones we like best. Of course, Mirelly, (how cute is she by the way??? VERY!!) gets final pick out of the 3 finalists.

I love stuff like this...contests that allow anyone to enter..and that give the people (thats you and me) the power to vote and change those people's lives! Maybe I am just a tinge power hungry!! ;)

So...Seduce a Celeb will run on over the next 14 weeks. Head on over and Check out the hilarious video submissions at GoFish now! I swear there is nothing funnier than a cute (or even not cute) guy trying to woo/seduce a girl via video! LOL