Saturday, May 05, 2007

TGITW--thank god it's the weekend

I am so glad it is Saturday. This last week has been rough and I could definitely use some R&R.

My period is late and the PMS is killing me. I suffer from PMDD it's never a fun time. I take Zoloft to help with it..and it does wonders. BUT my prescription ran out and I kept forgetting to call the dr. so I was without it for a few days and there was one day where I was seriously going to lose it. I'm glad to say I got my scrip filled and am now feeling more normal.

Kyle's tooth started hurting extremely bad this week..I took him to the dentist on Thursday and his wisdom tooth is pushing againste his other teeth at a 45 degree angle--where the wisdom tooth meets the other tooth, there is a cavity which has eaten away at the other tooth. He now needs the wisdom tooth and the other tooth extracted. so the dentist referred us to an oral surgeon. I called Friday and the soonest he can get in for a consult is 5/16. I asked if I could go ahead and make the appt for the procedure now and they said they "don't do that". UGH. so I don't know how long it will take before he can getit done. He is so miserable and is staying hopped up on Vicodin to help with the pain. Hopefully he doesn't end up with a prescription drug addiction. Poor Kyle.

Today, we are going to pick out flooring, bathtub fixtures, kitchen sink & faucet, and a back door for the house. The contractor said they will start next week and needs to know which stuff we want. He will be out one day this week with roof and siding samples!! Lola is coming to watch the boys so we don't have to take the little darlings with us..the last time I took them to Lowe's they almost got beat--remember...they made me miss out on ice cream!!! Not happening again.