Sunday, May 06, 2007

Feeling Froggy..

Sometimes if you sit around and plan will NEVER do it..ya just gotta jump in and go for it...then you're committed. LOL

when we first moved into this house it was covered in floral wallpaper--big mauve and blue roses on every wall. it wasn't pretty. the intent was to remove it all and paint. I was PG with Logan when we moved in so I wasn't real excited about tackling the project. One day, my mom was over and picked at a peeling piece of wallpaper and RRRRRIIIIIIPPPP. And that began the job. In a little over a week we hade all the wallpaper down, the walls painted, new baseboards and crown moulding up, and new light switch and outlet covers. It looked awesome and I was so glad she got us started. It was hard work and I spent way too much time on a step ladder peeling wallpaper at midnight--but very worth it.

Today, I went outside to look at some old pavers we have down by the shed. I want to use them to make a brick patio on the side of the deck. To expand the area...I invision parties with groups of people on the deck and other groups on the patio. I don't have that many friends..but I still invision it. My life is much more glamorous in my head! Anyway, the area next to the deck, now has big flat rocks made out of concrete with grass growing between them. I hate it. So, they all need to be dug up so my patio can be born. I didn't even make it down to the shed to look at the pavers. Kyle had a shovel out and I picked it up and started digging up the big rocks. It was hard work..and I'm still not done. But at least it's begun...I would say I'm about 1/2 - 3/4 done with diggin them up. yay!

While I was doing that, K was digging up some very tall weeds and small trees and a bush I hate. The boys helped throw the rocks into a wading pool and then they found an inch worm they made a house for an named "inchy".

It was a really nice day. The weather here is awesome. My hands hurt and I have blisters..but that's ok.