Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm WAY too young!

I went to the dr. on Monday and when she tested my reflexes...I don't have one in my right she felt like it was a nerve pinching issue. She sent me for x-rays and gave me some prescriptions.

She called yesterday and said that I have arthritis in my hip and lower back. Wait! Aren't I too young for that?!?! I'm depressed.

She ordered physical therapy, but I don't really have time for PT and have no interest in going. My insurance will pay for 12 visits with a chiropractor..I might try that first. (How stupid is it that the ins will pay for 30 visits to the chiro if you are under 21, over 21 is 12?!?!? That makes NO sense to me!) My mom talked to my step-mom last night and told her to tell me she would try to help me feel better. (she is a massge therapist). I have never had her give me a massage before because I don't want her to see my back fat! LOL I think the pain might make me not care!


Robin said...

toooooooold ya! (no pun intended, it just happened that way)

look at this'll now be able to forecast the rain, the snow, a drop in the barometric pressure...why, you can become a weather forecaster! a celebrity! yee haw!