Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The sweetest thing

My mom is in the hospital. She was VERY sick for about 3 weeks with the "the BIG D" and got dehydrated, her electrolytes were all out of whack..and her potassium was low...and she had a heart rate of about 40. So, they admitted her and are giving her fluids and potassium and she is feeling better. She had a stress test this morning...hopefully she will get to home this evening.

So..I said ALL that to say....

last night I was visitng her and we were talking to the nurse and all of the sudden I heard "rock a bye baby" playing..I looked around for a cell phone and didn't see anything. I looked around for a music box. nothing. then I looked at mom and the nurse and they are conversing..not looking I wonder if the music is in my know, like the voices. *wink*

Just when I was getting used to the idea of having music accompany me everywhere I asked what it was. The nurse then explained that a baby was just born...everytime a baby is born they play "rock a bye baby" over the speakers through the whole hospital. Isn't that the SWEETEST thing? I almost cried. really.

and for a split second I wanted to get PG, BE PG for 9 months..and deliver what would probably be a 14 lb. baby, just so I could deliver at that hospital and have the music played for my baby. Seriously.


Robin said...

hope your mom is doing better. what's the big "D"?? i've racked my brains and can't come up with anything.
so what hospital is it that plays rock a bye baby every time a baby is born? that's really neat but what if two babies are born right after each other? do they play it back to back? what if 3 babies are born right after each other? you see where i am going on this. I don't think you should get pregnant just to hear that song played. you can probably find it somewhere and play it anytime you like. just trying to be helpful...
your auntie

Tricia said...

This big D is diarrhea! LOL

Kettering Hospital. Mom said that there were 4 babies born yesterday right in a row because they played the music 4 times..right in a row.

Yes, you're right...I probably shouldn't get pregnant just for the music. I was SO going to!! *sigh*

Cindy said...

Awwww, that IS the sweetest thing!

I hope your mommy is doing better!