Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will work for Cell Phone

My cousin lives in Indiana but his mom lives here in Ohio, he is always going back and forth from his house to her house (which is also my grandma's house) to help take care of her and my grandma. He was at my mom's house yesterday hanging a ceiling fan for them and told my mom he would come every 2 weeks and clean her house for her if she would get him a cell phone and pay for it. (my mom and her husband are both "disabled" and can't do things like sweeping, mopping, etc) She said that was fine. I asked her what kind of phone or service she had agreed to pay for and she said she didn't know..she need to look around. I took it upon myself to do some looking for her and I really want her to check out wirefly. It has some great info and search features...allowing you to search by carrier, phone, or service plan by simply inputting your zip code. They also have a pre-paid tab with all their pre-paid plans--which I definitely think is the way she should go in this instance. That way she doesn't end up with a HUGE bill if he should go over his minutes--and can cut him off he doesn't keep his end of the deal! ;)