Saturday, January 27, 2007

Change of Plans

My mom got our trip got cancelled. :( I am so sad and Rita is sad. Kyle and I are going to go down with the boys next month for a few days and I will spend some time with Rita and her babies then. I'm still bummed. :( Since I had already made arrangements at work to take half of the day off..I stuck with that and spent the day with my boys. We watched TV and played hours of the was really nice and they were SO excited when I told them I was done working for the day. LOL I think we are going to try to figure out something fun to do today and go to Applebees for dinner (we have a GC). I would REALLY like to go to Cincy and go to the keeps asking to go and they are having a special where kids get in free right now..BUT, it's still $36 for K and I to get in..and we can't really afford that right now. ( have I told you guys I get paid once a month?? I really need to get better at managing it so it lasts longer). So, I'm not sure what we will end up doing...maybe we will go the Museum since our membership expires on the 29th..and it's free. LOL I'd really like to see the Otter feeding one time. Every time we have gone they have been cleaning the cage/home thingie. We'll see.