Friday, February 29, 2008

That was fast!

This week went incredibly fast. I can't believe it is Friday already, but am THRILLED that it is. I love the weekends..I love my honey being home and I love not HAVING to go anywhere!

The kids had a 2 hour delay one day this week, but I'll take that any day over the TWO snow days they had last week (plus a holiday!!). I really like my/our routine and when they are home (and it's not planned) it annoys me. LOL

Dylan got his glasses back yesterday. he had chewed off the ear piece a few weeks ago and it took me FOREVER to take them in to be repaired. I decided in the process that I will NEVER go back to that optical place again...they treated me (and him) awful over not taking better care of his glasses. I was like..OK..we GET IT! I understand what they are saying but I am a 33 yr old woman..not a little kid and I DON'T deserve to be talked down to. UGH!

Nothing much going on here. same ol', same ol'. Mom and I are going to breakfast, to see my grandma and shopping (I think she is going to buy me the griddler!!) on Sunday. I am looking forward to it. I like our girlie days together. :)

I think Logan is staying the night with mom tonight..and Dylan will stay with her tomorrow night. They sure do love her..and love being there. Makes her feel good. It's nice to get the break and allow K and I to have alone time...or to have one on one time with the kid that is home. So, it works out well. :)