Saturday, February 16, 2008

Basement Clean-up!

Kyle and I went down and finished cleaning the basement today.

I went through all the boxes, bins, etc and threw away everything I no longer wanted. all of the things I want to keep or want to sell in a garage sale were put back in the bins and moved to the other side of the basement. Once spring hits...I'll go back through and sort out keep & garage sale items.

When it was all said and done we filled 3 industrial/contractor size garbage bags FULL, plus a number of boxes and other big odds and ends. When we did the first portion of this 2 weeks ago, we loaded K's truck up with trash! I'm sure it will be full again tomorrow when we load it back up!

So, after all that was done, we swept and mopped and now the kids have a BIG area to play in. The goal was to give them a place to drive their RC cars, set up their train track, maybe even ride bikes or rollerskate. (I don't think there is enough room to bike ride, but K does).

Now that it is all done, I want to finish it and make it a real living area. LOL But for least it's clean and the kids have a place to run wild.