Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something White

Dylan had a "homework" art project he had to do last week. They are studying snow and ice, so the project was to make a white on white collage by gluing white things on a piece of white card stock.

So, we went all around the house looking for white things. As we collected them they all looked was amazing how many of the things were off white or kinda grey when compared to the true white white of the card stock. I had gone down to the basement and opened a box that has our wedding flowers in it and found a piece of white tulle. When I got it upstairs and next to the other white stuff it was SO gray and dingy looking. I couldn't believe it. Kyle said, "well it IS 10 years old" which is true. I guess. kinda makes me feel old and a little dingy. LOL

So, the collage ended up with: cotton balls, q tip, jewelry box, some screws and nuts/bolt things, a battleship piece and some plumbing thingies. It looked pretty good and he was proud of it.