Sunday, January 13, 2008

Catching up..

Seems I've gotten a wee bit behind in my blog posting. Not sure why...sometimes I just get too lazy to type. I think that's what happened this time too.

Not much to post about...maybe that's why the lack of posts and the lazy thing isn't true? Nah!

Everyone is back to school and work and the normalcy of our lives has resumed. My work week has been increased from 4 hours/week to 9 hours/week and I am happy about that. Because, of course...that means my paychecks will be doubled. woohoo! If I can get about 3 more hours/week, my pay will cover the mortgage payment. Then I will be happy. I'll work 12 hours a week and the mortgage will be taken care of..not too shabby. Then Kyl's check can go for all the other stuff...and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to breathe a little easier!

Speaking of Kyles check...his supervisor (also my Brother in law) asked him to write down the new things he has learned since working there, how long it takes him to do various jobs, etc and he is going to try to get him a raise!! Not sure how much of a raise...but every little bit helps that breathing know?

Kyle got his W2 the other day..Now I am antsy to get mine. I want to get them filed so we can get our return. I haven't decided what the plan is for spending the return. I WANT (and fully intended to) spend it on a Disney Trip--we wouldn't be taking the trip until after August (when K has vaca time). But..I am thinking that I should get some debt paid off and make that breathing even easier. BUT...I'm afraid if I do that..we won't save for the Disney trip and end up not going and I really really want to take the boys before they are too old to appreciate the magic of it. so...hmmm...I just don't know. I may be able to pay a couple things off and pay for the hotel stay and tickets for disney...then I would just need to save for transportation and food. Really, I guess I just need to see how much the refund is going to be and go from there.

This is getting long and I have some more posting I need to do I guess I will end this here for now...