Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First day

Today, I start my new job. I am excited and nervous. LOL I trained for 2 nights but it was different than any training I have ever had. I have lots of notes and lots of info and I think this is one of those things that you have to DO to really learn. I am sure I'll be just fine. (I hope)

Really enjoyed my girls only weekend. It was so nice to get away and spend time with mom and rita. I took belly pics of cute!!! I never had a "cute" belly..I just had fat and then BIG belly. bleck.

Krista and Marty drove through Dayton on their way home from williamsburg, so we met them at a local mickey D's and had lunch. It was nice seeing them twice in the span of a week. :)

I am reading the 1st book I have read in a LONG time. I used to read all the time and with having kids and falling in love with the internet...I stopped reading. So, anyway..I am reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. I am really really enjoying it and am so glad to be reading again.