Thursday, February 09, 2006

LOVE it!!

I LOVE my new job. It was such a nice break from the monotonous stuff I usually have to contend with. Time flew and I really, really enjoyed it. I just hope their business conitnues to grow and I can get more hours!! what can you do to help?!? Buy your diapers from It really IS a neat program...if you are in the market you might wanna check it out. :)

Kyle got a call yesterday about a job. he has an interview Tuesday morning. The position is "chemical operator". The pay sounds good. the hours sound is a rotating schedule and they work 24/7 so his schedule will vary from week to week. But at this point...beggars can't be choosers, ya know? We'll make it work...IF he gets hired.

Logan had a bad day at school yesterday. The first bad report we have gotten. He has some serious anger issues...which he has been displaying at home for awhile. We have tried time-outs, spankings, taking computer time/tv time/gameboy time away, talking to him and telling him other things to do when he is angry. Nothing seems to be working. the only thing we haven't tried is rewarding positive behavior. so that is next. I have been doing some research online and am trying to come up with a system. The thing is..he isn't a horrible child...and MOST of the time he is so good. He just has serious frustration/anger issues and I'm not sure how to help that. If anyone has any ideas...please feel free to share!!