Thursday, February 02, 2006

A few things....

1) I got a job! another job....a job I really really really wanted but didn't think I was going to get. I am now a customer service rep for!! If you are in the market for diapers check out the site. It's really a neat concept. :) Right now I am working 2 days a week. 4 hours a day, but I have a feeling it could definitely grow to more than that. I have had one night of training and I think I am going to LOVE it. I am so so EXCITED!!

2)Kyle still has not heard anything from the county about the job he tested and interviewed for. He did call to check on it and they told him the position hadn't been filled yet. So...that gives us a little hope that maybe he will still be hired. Keeping our fingers crossed.

3) We filed our taxes last week and are getting a nice big return back. I wish we could spend it on something fun, but we will be getting caught up on all the bills that have gotten behind and paying a few things off. Not fun, but really nice to have the worry gone. We bought a membership to a local museum that the kids love to go and play at and with that we can use it at many locations across the country. We do plan to take a trip up to Toledo and go to COSI and the zoo (for "free) and spend a night in a suite with a jacuuzi. so...that will be our "fun" thing to do with the tax money. :)

4) Girls only weekend. My wonderful friend, Rita is expecting her first baby ( a boy, Avery) in May. So, she and her mom and my mom and I are all meeting in Lexington this weekend. (she lives in Knoxville) I am SOOOOOO excited! I can;t wait to see her little pregnant self! We got so lucky on the hotel room. We had wanted to stay at the Sheraton Suites but it was a little pricey and all of us are lacking in the money dept. so we chose another hotel. I happened across some reviews for the other hotel and it sounded like a DUMP. so I cancelled the reservation and went on a search for another hotel. In the end I decided to Hotwire a room. Which was scary since we didn;t know what we would end up with. But I did it anyway...and guess what we got?!? a suite at Sheraton suites!!! We were SOOOO excited! So...the room that was originally going to cost us $70/person we were able to get for $42/person. Can't beat that!!!

5) Krista and Columbus. My friend Krista and her family live in Illinois...they were going to williamsburg, VA this week and made a slight detour to meet up with us in columbus. We stayed the night in the same hotel on Sunday night and then went to a HUGE mcDonalds on Monday. It was so nice to see them for awhile and let the kids play while we chatted.

6)Gatlinburg--Planning a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends of mine from a message board that I belong too. We are going in July and I am in the process now of finding the perfect place that isn't too expensive. NOT an easy task. LOL I am really looking forward to going. A group of us go every summer and we always have the BEST time. I am really looking forward to it! :)

7) Mice. We recently got 2 mice. We sold the hermit crabs and got 2 fancy mice. we LOVE them. they are so cute and so active and we love to watch them. I think one of them might be pregnant. but I have no idea. her bottom looks very swollen and she looks like she is getting
"fat"...but I have looked for pics of pregnant mice and from what I understand you can't really tell they are PG until about a day before they deliver. LOL and I saw a pic of a male mouse...and my she...might really be a he..with big B*lls!! ROFL time will tell.

Seems like I had more to tell...but my kids are sitting on top of me begging for I guess I better feed them before they starve to death!