Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two toys for you...and you

I took the boys to McDonalds today as a treat for not acting like complete little idiots when I took them to my work for a few minutes to drop some papers off.

As we were sitting in line waiting, I noticed a sign that says Happy Meals come with 2 toys now. I told the kids and Logan asked if it was 2 of the same toy. I laughed and said, "NO!"

So...2 happy meals later we are on our way home. We get home and look in the bags guessed it! 2 toys, but they are the SAME TOY!! So, now we have 4 of the same toy!!! Who needs 4 of the same crappy McDonalds toy?? Not this house!!!

I was trying to figure out WHY they would do that. Is it an economic if you have 2 kids you only need to buy the one overpriced meal for the toys and then you can buy the other stuff "a la carte" and that somehow saves you money???


I checked out the McD's website and no mention of it there....hmmm. I'm very perplexed.

Anyone out there wanna enlighten me??


Jennifer Merkel said...

At least they gave you more than you needed and not fewer. Tough to explain to ONE little boy that HIS meal was the one without the toy, as you are driving down 95 with no hope of going back!
Our McDonald's takes the cake though, or I guess I should say the Root Beer. The only soft drink my boys like is Root Beer, which McD's always faithfully provided, until sometime last year. The first time we went through the drive through after they stopped serving it, I ordered RB and the guy-in-the-box said "We have Dr Pepper." So I said "No RB?" and he says "It's Dr Pepper, it's the same thing."!!! Ummm....No.
So we just come home now and make our own nuggets, and fries, and drink our own root beer!