Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grocery Bags

I went to the grocery and had 2 bags rip and drop everything in them on the driveway! I was NOT pleased! I swear, it seems like Kroger's shopping bags have gotten thinner. I think they are making them thinner in an effort to force people to use those reusable shopping bags that are better for the environment. I am not against using those bags..I am just against paying for them. I have been to plenty of events where places are handing out promotional bags for free just for walking by their booth. I say Kroger should do the same thing. Somehow link it to your Kroger plus card and give everyone 5 free bags. Of course then I would have to remember to put them back in my car after I put away the groceries. Which I wouldn't then I would have to use the thin throw away bags anyway.


One Mom, Five Kids said...

Yes, and if your lucky enough to remember to put them in the back of your car - you will have to then remember they are in the back of your car and take them into the store with you. This seems to be my biggest problem.