Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday and stuff

Since my last post, I have turned 34, we have a new President Elect, we got a new (to us) tv and I added roman blinds to my living room windows!!

My birthday--the day before we went to dinner at my mom's we had roast and carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and my mom's super yummy Black Bottom Cake. She and my brother had cards for me but my gift had yet to arrive. She did tell me that it was a QVC gift card! woohoo! FREE shopping!!

The next night we went to dinner at Max and Erma's to celebrate my birthday ON the day. I ordered myself a gift from K and the boys. I got this purse.

It arrived the other day and I am in love. not bad for $20!! I had visited Sam Moon when I was in Dallas last Summer and forgot all about it. Julie mentioned it on her blog the other day and I knew I had to have a purse for my birthday!

Of course I got lots of wishes from my on-line friends and phone calls from my "in real life" friends. My dad still owes me dinner. :) All in all turning 34 was pretty nice. I'd like to halt time though...40 is coming up fast! ;)

Even though my day was was a little overshadowed by election talk and anxiety.

The Election--I was so disappointed that they called Ohio so early. At that point I KNEW we had lost. I had been saying for weeks..."you know Obama is going to win right?" to anyone that would listen..but in my heart of hearts I hoped it wouldn't be so. I should have known though. So, my heart is heavy and my concern and worry are great and I dont have this "hope" that so many proclaim to have now. I DO HOPE that Obama does a great job and all of my concern and anxiety are for naught.

New TV--My niece is moving back home with my sister..she has been living with her dad. In order for her to do that, they have to build her a do that, they had to make the living room smaller. Therefore, they upgraded to a flat panel tv and sold us their wide screen, Big Screen, HD tv. We drove out there on Saturday and went to dinner and then loaded the tv up and set it up here. We love it! We had a big screen before, but it was not wisescreen or HD--so we are really enjoying it!

The old tv got moved downstairs for the "rec room" I am setting up for the boys--that'll be a nice long post for another time!

New Blinds--When K and I first moved in here we had the blinds on the windows that his mom left. They were light blue and ugly and dirty. But we had no money and a baby on the we dealt with them. Eventually, I bought new rods and denim tab top curtains and took the blinds down. When I put the new window coverings up..I expected it to feel DONE. you know, that feeling when something is right and it's like "ahhhhhhhhhh". Well I never got that feeling, but I lived with it..and just figured it was me being stupid. Baby #2 was on the way by now and now I REALLY couldn't afford to get anything else. Fast Forward 6 years..

A local store is going out of business so I went over to check out the sale. I ended up finding bamboo roman shades in the perfect size for the living room windows!! Now...I SOOOO cannot afford them anymore now than I could then..but at this point sometimes I just say "whatever" and do what I want. :-) So, I did!! Kyle put them up yesterday and I made him raise the curtain rods too. So..the denim tab tops are still there, but NOW I have these pretty bamboo shades on the window as well. The curtains flank the window on each side and the shade covers the window. As soon as K got done I was like "oooohhhhhh" hand on my heart and all. I told K, "it just feels complete doesn't it???" He was like, "yeah whatever!" BOYS!!!