Friday, August 08, 2008

Wife of the Year

Ok, so the kitchen, dining room and living room are all clean. Furniture dusted, floors swept, windows cleaned, cobwebs removed, clutter gone through, put away and thrown away. It looks SO nice in here. I am so proud.

Kyle said it makes him feel like being home. I felt horrible. He's so good to me and so sweet to me and would never say anything to hurt my feelings--so all this time, while we have been living in clutter he has not felt like being here. Sign me up for wife of the year, please!! I apologized to him and told him I would do better and that I NEVER wanted him to feel like he didn't want to be home. He smiled that super cute smile of his and winked and said "I don't REALLY feel that way...but you know, when the house is clean it feels less 'chaotic' and more relaxed." I heartily agreed and told him I was just talking about that in my blog.

So, I am going to work really really hard to make my home more of a refuge for my family.

Today, I need to mop the kitchen floor and hardwoods in the dining room and living room and I need to clean the bathroom and vaccuum the hallway.