Sunday, August 10, 2008

Counting the Days.....

I am getting very very excited for our upcoming vacation. I think about it all the time and continually research everything I can on Orlando vacations. Of course it's too late to change anything now. But I could ADD something if I wanted to. Really, I think we are set, aside from booking the dinner I want to go to while we are hanging out with Shamu!

I have lots of stuff to do/buy before we can go. The list keeps getting longer. I did buy K another pair of swim trunks today, his are a little too big for him since he has lost weight and I read somewhere that having 2 bathing suits is good since it is so humid there and things don't dry quickly. So, I was at Sears today and saw a great sale and picked them up for $7!! I still need to get Logan another pair too. Old Navy has some on sale, I need to order he and D polo's for school anyway so I'll do that then.

Boy, I ramble huh?

alright I gotta go cut K's hair and watch synchronized diving....