Saturday, July 26, 2008

House stuff

Nothing like spending the weekend doing house stuff and sweating your hiney off!!

I started the day off nice and I went shopping for new furniture for her. When I got home, Kyle was drenched in sweat removing our 30+ yr old whole house fan. After a quick lunch he went up to the attic to knock the fan out while I stood below to help "catch" it and drop it to the floor!! I was for sure my toes were gonna get cut off. But alas, all my toes are fine! I did get black grease all over my new shirt. :( (I washed it with dishwashing liquid and it came out, though!)

Then we headed out to buy us new whole house fan and mom a new screen door and outside light. We came home and spent the remainder of the evening installing said screen door..and it's still not done! The light did get installed though.

Kyle is standing on a ladder right now installing the new fan. I am sitting here, on the computer, resting. I DO ask him occasionally if he needs my help. He says no so far. he does have Logan standing buy to hand him various tools, etc. I KNEW there was a reason birthing boys was a good idea!

In a few minutes I am going to order pizza, it's 9 and no one has had dinner..and I'm not cooking!

Hopefully, the fan gets up tonight and we can go down and finish moms screen door tomorrow.

Good times!