Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I discovered this really cool thing today. It's paying for an on-line purchase with your bank account but does not require giving out your bank account info or using your debit card. I really like that this is a way to pay cash for a purchase made on-line without any of the security risks that sharing your bank account info or debit card number can have.

I have been SO lucky that I haven't ever had anything bad happen as a result of sharing my info through on-line vendors (knock on wood) but I really like this option, especially since we have ceased using ANY credit cards! Our new motto is "pay cash or do without" which sucks...but it is much healthier for us financially..since we are evidently too immature for credit cards..but that's a whole 'nother post!

So anyway, I went to Tiger Direct to buy screen cleaner that I could use on our computer and tv screens. I put the item in my cart and upon check out clicked on eBillme for my payment method. After inputting my name, address and all that good stuff, my order was complete. I then went to my online banking account, entered the info for eBillme and made a payment to them. Easy Peasy. I am actually very surprised at just how easy it was!!

So, if safe on-line transactions are a concern for you..give it a try!!


Jpandes said...

eBillme SUCKS!@#$%^
I tried eBillme recently when I was trying to purchase the Kenwood Dnx-8120 from eTronics. They were advertising a $50 rebate if I used eBillme to pay for the item.
I followed their instructions and set them up as a payee on my BofA online bill pay. Well, my purcahse never went through and the item is now out of stock. I called eBill me a week later and they said that it’s my bank’s fault for sending them a paper check instead of electronically transferring the funds to them.
Lond story short I missed out on a killer deal, a $400 savings, by trying to use eBillme.
Fuck these guys!