Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We (mom, Tammy and I) just spent the weekend in TX with my nieces. Lindsay as in the Miss Texas Teen pageant...and WON!! We were so excited and SO, SO glad to be there!!

I love my nieces so much and really, really miss them. We had a wonderful time and spent a lot of time laughing. They really just crack me up. Since my maturity level is around, oh, 16 years old...I find them very entertaining. My mom, (who is 60) not so much, LOL. She got tired of all the loudness and laughing after a while.

We did all have fun talking about girl stuff. Clothes and boys and sex. They are WAY too young to be thinking about HAVING sex...but we had some very informative discussions about safe sex in a fun way and I was so glad they feel like they can talk openly about that stuff with me. I have always had that with my mom and sister--and am glad they have it too. My mother was even a willing participant in some of our conversations--and actually gave some very funny input about sexy lingerie--which brought up something to do with a crotchless panty "wear-er" that mom knew...which brought peals of laughter and "GRANDMA!!!' from the girls! ROFL it was really, really fun.

Good to have girl time when I am surrounded by boys. Even Shelbea is a tom-boy. I swear, I can't win. I can't wait to see "my girls" again!