Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tree Damage

I never updated about the tree situation. Kyle decided not to go after talking to his mom, he thought it might be a little more than he could handle alone and she would have to end up hiring someone anyway. She said there was damage to the roof and the deck and even to her car which was inside the carport! She made it sound like the there were just limbs, not THAT big of adeal, etc. So, last night she sends up pictures and OMG! There is a TREE ON HER HOUSE...Like the whole top of the tree is on the roof and deck. The roof is severly damaged and the deck is like lopsided. good thing Kyle didn't go and with his 18" chainsaw. LOL Needless to say, she got a company to come out that day and get the tree removed..she said it was quite a "to-do" 5 men and a bucket truck. What a mess. She has also decided not to turn it into insurance because last year, to het her pymnt down, she increased her deductible to $5,000!!! So, she is just going to fix what she can as she goes. At least I think that is still the plan. Kyle might try to change her mind after seeing all the damage.