Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pack Rat: ISO Storage

One of the things about being a home owner with a basement is that I have WAY too much stuff. I have a hard time getting rid of anything and it all ends up in the basement stacked on top of each other. It's nonsense really. If we ever had to move to a basement-less house, we would have to rent a storage facility just for all the STUFF we keep hanging around for whatever reason.

Speaking of storage, my dad has been trying to sell his house for forever now...on and off the market it goes and never sells. Their house is relatively small and cluttery do to his wifes love of antiques. The recently were looking for a storage unit to store alot of the extras in to get a more streamlined/clean look in their home. A good site to find and compare storage sites is Self Storage Directory - Is informative and allows you to search by zip code so you can find the closest places to you. You can also find a lot of other moving info there as well. Definitely worth checking out for your storage/moving needs.