Friday, October 13, 2006

Asthma Boy

Logan was doing so well over the summer, not one asthma episode and he wasn't even on his meds. Silly me, started thinking that he had outgrown it. No such luck. He has been miserable for about a week now, (even though I started him back on his meds the 1st week of school.) Especially at night, MOSTLY at night. It hasn't kept him out of school at all, but he has had lots and lots of coughing bouts at night. I bring this up now, because he just got done coughing so hard that he threw up all over his bed. I got him cleaned up and K took the blankets down and put them in the wash. I was holding him on the couch and he fell back asleep and wasn't coughing at all. When K came up he asked if I gave him a breathing treatment. I told him no. He asked if I wanted to, I said No. My argument was that he was resting fine now, let's just leave him be. He carried him back to bed and got him all settled. about 30 seconds later he started coughing. K "yelled" down the hall, "yep, he's ALL better". UGH! I hate when he is right.