Saturday, January 21, 2006

Small changes

DIET! UGH! I hate that word...and yet...I so badly need to do it. I mean REALLY! plan is this..making little changes. This past week I switched from regular pop to diet pop, drinking more water, and drinking some milk. I was raised drinking milk and LOVE milk...but somehow I got away from drinking it. so..I am going to try to drink a glass a day.

My plan for this coming week is to start watching portion control and if I am not full on the smaller portions to fill up on healthy stuff. A salad or piece of fruit to fill the void, I suppose. As I was eating this week...everytime I pust something on my plate I was VERY aware of how much I was eating and how I could make it much smaller. So..the plan is not to deprive myself of the yummy food that REALLY LOVE so much...just to eat less of it. :)

If I am feeling adventurous I may start exercising this week too....or I might leave that for next weeks change. LOL I bought the Walk Away the Pounds videos about a year ago and have never even removed the plastic. LOL In my head...I think that I would like to get up about 7 am and exercise while the rest of the house is asleep. But I don't know what the odds of that actually happening are. I usually sleep until one of the little darlings wakes me up!

I have NO idea how much I weigh...and don't know if I WANT to know...but I imagine I will weigh myself just for reference. My main concern is how I feel though. I want to feel energetic and feel like playing with my boys. they are SO full of energy and I know as they get older they are going to want to do more active things. Logan has told me that he wants to ice skate and snow board. I don't know how to ice skate..but would love to learn and be able to take him...and my friend Leesa snowboards with her husband and they have so much fun. If I wasn;t such a big slug...that might be something I would like to learn too...or at least try once. LOL