Sunday, January 15, 2006


UGH!! This thing is driving me nuts!!! (speaking of driving me nuts...K watches this show called "robot chicken" and one of the "bits" they had on was a pirate with a steering wheel attached to the front of his pants...and the pirate says, "ARRRGGH! It's drivin' me nuts!!!!" I say that something is driving me nuts...I think of that. LOL)

ok..back to my interesting gameboy story. We bought Logan a Gameboy for Christmas. Now, I had a gameboy 8 years ago it was a tiny little black and white screen and playing it made my head hurt. So I gave it to my BIL. This NEW and improved Gameboy ROCKS! It's a little color screen and playing it is MUCH MUCH better than that thing I had. ANYWAY...I bought a new game for Logan from someone on cheapcycle. It is a Crash bandicoot game. So, I started playing it and I could actually DO it. I'm not very video game inclined and I pretty much suck at every game I have ever tried to play. I was so excited. so I have been playing this game and I have gotten to a point where I just can't get through the level. I try and try and try. My thumbs hurt from playing it so much (and holding the buttons too hard, I'm sure), I get so aggravated at I scream, I sigh in frustration, I stomp my feet....and yet, I continue to play the blasted thing. That HAS to mean there is something wrong with me right?!?! I should just put the thing away and never touch it again..but I CAN'T. I just CAN'T.

To add insult to injury Kyle has started playing it and is about 5 levels ahead of me now. he offered to help me today and get through the level i was stuck on for me. I told him "no thanks!! I can do it myself!" HA!