Saturday, May 01, 2010


It was gorgeous yesterday! Clear blue skies, 80 something degrees. I was stuck in a building all day with no windows. I got to enjoy the beautiful weather on my two 15 min breaks and on my drive home. This morning I woke up to grayness and rain. It's just as well though, I will be stuck inside doing school work all day. This working full time and going to school is going to do me in. I will be so glad when summer break is here!!

I finished my 3 weeks of training and on Monday will start calling on "my" location in GA. I'm excited to have an area of my own--a database of my own, etc.

I signed the kids up for daycare for 2 days/wk this summer. It's at a church close to where Kyle works so he can drop off and pick up. They take field trips on MWF so I am going to have them go 2 of those days. That way they get to do lots of fun stuff this summer and mom gets a break from having them 5 days a week. If they go there 2 days and mom takes them to the free movie one day and swimming one day, that will be a pretty good week for all involved! :) I think they will have fun!

I booked a vacation for Disney again. In September when they have free Dining. We were trying to decide where to go and decided that we had such a good time at Disney last time and really loved the whole aspect of it being "all inclusive" and not having to drive anywhere, etc. that we wanted to experience it again. So we are. and I can't wait!

Our dishwasher went out last week so we are supposed to buy a new one this weekend. Kyle hurt his back at work yesterday so I'm not real sure how that's going to pan out. It might have to wait a week. I am excited to go and look--it's been 10 years since I've shopped for appliances. We have white..but are going for black this time. We are getting my father in laws new fridge and stove and they are it kinda made the decision for us. I'm very excited!

Waiting on a court date for Kyle to be named the executor of his father's estate. When we go down to TN to take care of that, we will get the appliances. I wish it would hurry up..we have lots of things to take care of and are waiting for that piece of paper.

Alright, my thoughts have rambled long enough, I have to do some schoolwork. lucky me.