Monday, October 20, 2008

update on Kyle's mom

When I last posted I said that K's mom was in the hospital. She was doing ok but her gallbladder HAD to be removed. They have known it was diseased for awhile, but she was considered very high risk so she couldn't find a surgeon to do it. They had actually told her at one time that her chances of dying were like 1 in 2!! However, that was while she had blood clots in her lungs and legs.

About a week before this episode she had been told that the clots were gone. Therefore the risk was less and they had no option any longer. The gallbladder was no longer functioning and they were starting to fear gangrene! BLECK! So, it was scheduled for Tuesday morning. She asked if she was still high risk and the dr. told her yes and it really freaked her out.

She really wanted her kids with her and of course that responsibility fell to K. No matter that he is the only one with a job. But that's a story for another time. So, I threw some things in a bag, we went and picked up our new truck (more on that later) and hit the road.

We arrived at MIL's house at 3 am and had to be at the hospital at 8 the next morning. Needless to say we were really tired! We were able to see her for a few minutes before she went in. She looked SO bad and sounded so weak. I was kinda worried. K was confident everything would be just fine.

The surgery was quick and she was back in her room before we knew it...and when we talked to her she was so proud that she survived the surgery and was still alive. LOL We left to let her rest and she called the house several hours later when she woke up. I answered the phone and she sounded better than she had in months and months. We went back to see her that evening and then again the next morning. We were very encouraged to see how well she was doing. She told us that the dr. said a healthy gallbladder is about the size of a robin's egg and is light blue. Hers was the size of an EGGPLANT and PURPLE!

We left Wed morning to head back home. It was a a very quick trip.

Then, when I got back home. I immediately took my mom to the emergency room. (more on that later)

I am happy to say that Peggy is now home from the hospital and is doing very well. She feels better than she has in a long time. Kyle's aunt took a leave from work to go down and be with her to hopefully get her well. She really needs someone there to "mother" her and make sure she is eating and walking around etc. I really think she is going to be ok. It's been a LONG road but hopefully this is the turn around!!