Sunday, October 26, 2008

Next Stop...Branson?

Ok, so the BIG vacation is over and it was a wonderful one. So now, I am thinking about where we should go next. I'm always looking for the next "big" thing to look forward to. I'm pretty sure I have some type of imbalance that makes me that way. But, that's another post for another time!

I have already told my kids that we won't be going back to Disney any time soon. There are so many other places in this good ol' US of A that I want to see..and have them see and experience.

The list of places I would like to go is quite long and expensive. Hopefully I can cross some of them off my lifetime.

The only vacation Kyle ever took with his mom was to Branson. So, I'd kind of like to go there..and relive that for him. Well, scratch that..I just said something to him about it and it wasn't Branson--it was Wisconsin Dells. Oh well, that's close right?? No matter--I'd like to go there anyway.

I was checking out a vacation site (this is what I do while I watch tv. If I only watch tv..I get so antsy--I have to be doing something else...wonder what THAT means??) and it seems to be kinda like a Gatlinburg-ish area. Lodging ranging from hotels, to resorts, to condos. Shows ranging from Variety, to music, to acrobats. Attractions ranging from museums, to rides to caves and caverns! Definitely something for everyone.

Yes, I think I will definitely be adding Branson to "the list".


Devona said...

How was the trip in Branson? I hope you stopped by many of the Branson attractions!