Saturday, September 06, 2008


I can't believe how many acne products there are now. I think when I was in my teens and had most (I say most since I STILL break out and I am in my 30's) of my acne issues, my choices were Oxy and Noxema. Both of which burned my skin and made me break out more. I am thinking that with all the options there are now, it's probably not so bad going through the teen years. You know, because the ONLY problem with being a teen is the skin issue.

I worry about my boys having skin problems once their hormones (god help me) start raging. They both had infant acne--especially Logan, it was SO bad! I have no idea if that is any indication of skin as a teen. Oh!! I just remembered why I put those 2 things together: When Logan was a baby, I was at the grocery store and saw a lady I used to go to church with. We started talking about the infant acne and she told me that her son had it SOOO bad when he was a baby. I looked over at her son (now a teenager) and his face was COVERED with acne!! That's when the fear began.

Oh well, no matter what...I know they will have plenty of options in the acne products department if they should need them.