Sunday, September 07, 2008

Working Momma

My mom starts training for her job tomorrow. This is the same job she has had twice before and yet, she still has to train for it. Oh well, at least she gets, I am sure there are some changes from last year. This is a seasonal position that she gets and it allows her to work from home. I have done it a couple years and HATE it!! I am SOOO glad I don't have to work for them again!

It's really a Godsend that this job became available again as she has been in desperate need of money and has been doing a lot of searching for admin jobs that can be done at home. They are few and far between though and just as she was toying with the idea of getting a job out of the house, they called her back for this one. Lucky her!

I am sad I am going to lose my daytime buddy though. It's been nice taking the kids to school and then being able to go out with her for coffee or lunch or to run errands with NO kids!! I'll be solo for awhile..and that makes me a little sad.