Thursday, August 21, 2008

Helping Dylan

I hate to compare my children, but I do. I know you aren't supposed to, but I can't help it. I don't do it in bad way and I never tell them I wish they were like their brother...well, not ALWAYS.

Just KIDDING!! I don't do that!

Logan is such a quick learner..and I have to remember that when comparing Dylan to him. Logan takes after Kyle, in that they can watch someone do something once and they know how to do it. It's amazing! Dylan and I take more practice to pick something up. Practice and a few sessions of crying and crawling under the table and THEN we get it!!

In trying to figure out if Dylan where he needs to be "academically" and what I can to help him, I have answered some quizzes/questionnaires on line. The most recent one being the Leap Frog one over there in my right sidebar. I really like that one because it shows me which products pertain to his interests and needs. And that's what I need--someone to take me by the hand and say, "here, you need to get this and this and this and this will be good and this and Dylan will love this". If I have to try to make these decisions myself I tend to get overwhelmed and end up doing that whole crying and crawling under the table thing and end up getting nothing. And then who suffers?? my children! This quiz prevented all that, I did several of the quizzes right here at home, browsed through the recommendations and even printed out several free downloads!

I'm going this weekend to get Dylan some Leap Frog items that will help him with his writing. It's pretty scary right now..he needs all the help he can get and for some reason me putting paper down in front of him and telling him to write his name 57 times isn't keeping his attention. go figure.